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Fantasy Baseball

Top Fantasy Baseball Commissioner Sites for 2021: Where to Host Your League

Whether you’re looking to start a league or join an existing league, has your back. We searched the far corners of the internet for the top fantasy baseball commissioner sites so you don’t have to.

Fantasy Baseball Commissioner Sites

You’re not in Kansas anymore Toto. This isn’t the fantasy baseball our grandparents played. The game has changed and there are more varieties than ever before. With that variety comes an increased demand on league hosting sites. No one site can meet everyone’s needs. With that in mind, we went in search of the top fantasy baseball commissioner sites in existence.

While our main focus was on sites that could host your league, many of these sites also offer public leagues you can join, so if you’re looking for a league to join this list is right up your alley as well.

Top Fantasy Baseball Commissioner Sites

We’ll do our best to give a little info about each site, but obviously, we haven’t played on all the platforms. Please share your experiences (good and bad) in the comments below.  Do your best to be respectful with your criticisms. Fantasy sports programmers have feelings too you know!

FSR does not endorse any one of these sites, but TG Fantasy Sports did a nice comparison of many of these fantasy baseball commissioner sites that might further help you make a choice.

  • Fantrax Fantasy Baseball – Their commissioner product offers an incredible degree of customization with their premium offerings, but their free plan is pretty damn good as well.
  • Baseball Commissioner – CBS has been in the game for a long time and their commissioner product is very polished. That polish comes with a bit of a high price tag, but they also offer a very basic free option.
  • ESPN Fantasy Baseball – ESPN leagues are all free and they’ve recently redesigned their interface. The reaction to the new interface has been a mixed bag. Still, they offer a reliable product you can always access.
  • Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball – Yahoo recently became the official fantasy commissioner of MLB. They offer a free commissioner product and cash leagues if you’re looking for that. The interface seems awkward to me, but many people swear by them.
  • Real-Time Fantasy Sports – As far as I can tell they do not offer customized leagues. They offer cash games in a variety of setups, but it’s a stretch to say they are really a commissioner style service. Their interface is solid however, so they are definitely an option if cash games are your bag.
  • FleaFlicker – They pride themselves on a clean and easy interface and plenty of customization options. They are also free for redraft or dynasty leagues.
  • OnRoto – All the Tout War leagues are hosted here, so it’s certainly a reliable option. I also hear that they will work with you to deliver exactly what you need. With that said the interface has a 1990’s vibe to it and is awkward when compared to some of the other sites.
  • – Looks like they support various styles of Points Leagues and Rotisserie, including several different ways to play Head-to-Head. If you’ve had experiences with FanStar please let us know in the comments below.
  • NFBC – The NFBC is home to probably the largest high stakes leagues on the season-long front. They are not a traditional fantasy baseball commissioner site as they do not offer custom leagues. If you’re serious about fantasy baseball though, you’ll want to get in one of their leagues.

Thanks for using Fantasy Sports Resource. And again if you know of any fantasy baseball commissioner sites we missed or if you come across a problem with one of the links we supplied, please let us know about it on our Link Submission Page. Trying to keep up with the world of fantasy sports is a daunting task. It takes a fantasy village to maintain this site.

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