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Fantasy Baseball

Points League Rankings and Strategy

It’s not just Roto! Check out the world’s largest collection of links for points league rankings and strategy.

Though it probably began with board/card games like Strat-O-Matic and  APBA, the first version of what we refer to as fantasy baseball today was in a rotisserie format. The categories in roto make for some nice strategy, but there’s an argument that it maybe gets too far away from the real game. As fantasy football gained popularity, many people came to appreciate the simplicity and clarity of the points system. It’s gained steam on the baseball front ever since. This post aims to meet the needs of those people, providing links to a huge collection of content built around points league rankings and strategy.

Points League Rankings for 2020


Points League Strategy

Many of the links below focus on strategy for the 2020 season, but we’ve also linked to older sources of points league strategy that can be applied in any season.

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