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Fantasy Baseball

Top In-Season Fantasy Baseball Tools for 2020

Fantasy Sports Resource hooks you up with the top fantasy baseball tools to help manage your team from Opening Day and on into your championship run.

Fantasy Baseball Tools

Let’s face it. Baseball is easily the most involved sport when it comes to the ever-increasing menu of fantasy games. The sheer number of players we have to pay attention to outpaces any of the other sports. Then, add on to that the 162-game schedule and an incredible array of stats we need to monitor, and it becomes a huge challenge to stay on top of things all season. The fantasy baseball tools linked below attempt to take on a little bit of that work, freeing you up to focus on what it takes to win your league.

The fantasy baseball tools below are for the 2020 regular season. If you’re looking for a little help in preparing for your draft you’ll want to check out our Top Draft Tools for 2020 Fantasy Baseball.

Best In-season Fantasy Baseball Tools

The tools below all seek to address specific needs we have in fantasy baseball. They do not include entire sites. If you’re just looking for the best pure content, check out our list of the Top Fantasy Baseball Sites for 2020.

  • Baseball America Prospect Report – Nobody has time to comb through minor league box scores looking for stats on the top prospects. This daily email provides updates featuring game recaps and stats of the top prospects.
  • Baseball HQ’s Friday Newsletter – Baseball HQ uses this to give you a taste of what they offer… It tastes great with plenty of useful information on the latest trends affecting fantasy.
  • CBS Sports Roster Trends – Can help clue you in on which players are getting the most attention from fantasy baseball owners in competitive leagues.
  • Closer Monkey’s Bullpen Depth Charts – Bullpens are getting harder to figure out, but Closer Monkey is right on top of every change as they happen.
  • FantasyPros MyPLaybook – An all-encompassing suite of tools that syncs up with leagues on most every major hosting site and helps you analyze trades, identify top waiver-wire options, and plenty of other tasks tailored to your league.
  • Fantasy SP Trade Analyzer – You enter the players on each side of a trade and this tool shows you what you are potentially gaining and losing.
  • Fantasy SP Fantasy Assistant – Allows you to quickly import league settings and rosters and then offers up waiver wire suggestions and the optimal lineup for your fantasy squad.
  • FSR Position Eligibility Tool – Need to know which positions a player is eligible for? Simply type a name in the search box and see all 2019 games played by position. You can also sort by games played at each position. There is no better tool for identifying fantasy baseball position eligibility.
  • Prospecting Tool – I don’t care what type of league you play in, it’s become increasingly important to know your prospects. This tool makes that very easy. You can easily view stats for any of the 900 prospects in the Pipeline for pretty much any time frame you want. You can view prospects by team, just the Top 100, or even just players from a given MLB draft class. Besides the stats, this tool also allows you to see extensive scouting reports for just about any prospect you want to know about. This tool is an essential for any level of prospect hound.
  • Razzball Fantasy Baseball Trade Analyzer – Allows you to enter the players involved in a potential trade and see how the rest of season projections compare between the two sides.
  • Roster Resource MLB Depth Charts – This is their core value and nobody does it better. Sometimes I think they see changes before the manager makes them.
  • Roster Resource Lineup Tracker – Shows where in the lineup a player has appeared in the team’s last 10 games. This could help you identify players whose counting stats could be on the way up or down.
  • Roster Resource MLB Newsletter – Every morning, they send a short email discussing changes they’ve made on rosters and projections due to the previous day’s news.
  • Roster Resource Probable Starting Pitchers – The way teams use their pitching staffs is changing so nothing is ever for sure. Roster Resource is as close to ‘sure’ as we get.

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