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Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheets


Cheat sheets? What’s cheating about it? A lot of people think fantasy baseball cheat sheets are only for live in-person drafts, but smart fantasy baseball players use them in online drafts as well. Besides allowing you to easily use your own rankings, they allow you to bypass or even exploit the default rankings of the site you are drafting.

Until more content comes out for the 2020 season, we’ll leave you with links to a few sites that allow you to make custom cheat sheets. As draft season progresses we’ll link to more of the printable cheat sheets you may be more familiar with.

Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheets for 2020

FantasyPros Cheat Sheet Creator – Build a cheat sheet from the expert consensus rankings or break off and make one of your own. FantasyPros knows what makes a tool great and this is one of their best.

Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheets by Mr. Cheatsheet – To call these cheat sheets probably does these a great disservice. These are full-blown draft tools for straight drafts, auctions, and points leagues. Use the download dropdown to see just what these babies pack.

Draft Buddy: Draft Buddy creates cheatsheets customized to your fantasy baseball league rules and scoring. Draft Buddy also tracks your fantasy drafts or auctions to help you make the best draft-day decisions. Draft Buddy is about as complete and comprehensive as I can imagine any of these excel tools could be.

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