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Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy

Going beyond the stats to look at how to win the game of fantasy.


There’s no doubting that statistics are important in fantasy baseball. You can’t succeed without understanding the stats and properly valuing players. But the advent of advanced stats and now StatCast data has had one detrimental effect. We’re so deluged with deep statistical dives into every player, that the industry has turned it’s back to some extent on just what it takes to win the game. This post will hopefully address that issue. The links below are all focused exclusively on Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy.

We’ll do our best to include links for each of the ever-increasing formats we’re seeing in fantasy baseball. As always if you think we’re missing something, let us know in the comments below or use our Link Submission Page.

For now I’ve included links from the 2019 season. Once the content starts flowing for 202 I’m sure I’ll have plenty more for your fantasy enjoyment.

Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy for 2020

… Coming Soon


Draft Strategy for 2019

Again we’ll only be able to make this entire site work with your help. As they say, it takes a community to raise a fantasy baseball site. They did say that, right? Anywho, if we’ve missed something let us know in the comments below.

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