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Fantasy Baseball Draft Tools
Fantasy Baseball Draft Tools

Fantasy Baseball

Top Fantasy Baseball Draft Tools for 2021

Fantasy Sports Resource provides links to the top fantasy baseball draft tools, to help bring all of your draft strategies to fruition.

Draft day is big. It’s huge. It’s like Christmas, your birthday, and chicken alfredo pizza all rolled into one. As such we put a lot of emphasis on content that can help you prepare for the big day. We’ve got link pages dedicated to Draft Strategy, Rankings, Auction Strategy, and Values, plus a whole lot more. One oft-ignored resource for draft day is the great tools many sites offer. This page will attempt to rectify it with links to the very best fantasy baseball draft tools in existence.

FantasyPros Draft Tools

It isn’t often I dedicate an entire section of links to one site. The FantasyPros stuff is that good. They also run an affiliate program, so if you purchase any of their premium tools this site will get a few bucks to help with web hosting. The honest truth is I’d be recommending these tools anyway. These tools are very applicable and more than just toys.

  • Fantasy Baseball Draft Simulator – Mock drafts are an awesome way to prepare for the season, but they do consume time. Not so with the FantasyPros Draft Wizard. You draft against AI which uses consensus rankings from the top analysts in the league. You can finish your mock draft in just a minute or two. Best of all is this one is completely free.
  • Fantasy Baseball Draft Assistant – I got to try out this tool for free and it was pretty cool. It syncs up with drafts from  CBS, Fantrax, RTSports, and a few other sites. It tracks players taken and offers up recommendations for your picks based on the consensus rankings from industry experts. I know the player pool as well as anyone, but this tool can help make sure no player slips by you. It’s an awesome way to stay on top of things and avoid some of the “unique” default rankings these sites use.
  • Draft Analyzer – Pretty much does what it says. It provides instant analysis of your mock and real drafts and gives you a quick idea of how your team stacks up and breaks down your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Cheat Sheet Creator – Great tool that helps you build a custom cheat sheet to use during your drafts. You can build them based on consensus rankings or base them on projections.
  • Auction Value Calculator – Another great tool that makes sure you come into your fantasy baseball auction with a plan.

More Fantasy Baseball Draft Tools for 2021

  • Draft Buddy – According to the site Draft Buddy creates cheatsheets customized to your fantasy baseball league rules and scoring. Draft Buddy also tracks your fantasy drafts to help you make the best draft-day decisions.
  • Draft Genius from FantasySP – Utilize the Draft Genius during your next Yahoo, CBSSports, and ESPN draft. This fantasy baseball draft tool helps you decide who to draft next, in real-time, for your fantasy team based on value and position in the draft.
  • Fantasy Link for Chrome – FantasyLink is a Chrome extension that integrates FanGraphs, Baseball Reference, Razzball, Baseball Prospectus, Baseball Savant, & Baseball Theater directly into your fantasy baseball league website.
  • FSR Position Eligibility Tool – Need to know which positions a player is eligible for? Simply type a name in the search box and see all 2020 games played by position. You can also sort by games played at each position. There is no better tool for identifying fantasy baseball position eligibility.
  • Razzball Fantasy Baseball War Room – In their words, the War Room is a draft tool to help you track where you are at any moment in a draft. It shows you if you have too many steals, homers… Or if your ERA or WHIP are too low. Or too high. Or if your lamb is still rare… Yeah, it’s Razzball, so they head in strange directions. Still a great tool for getting a feel for how to build a team.
  • Razzball’s Fantasy Team Name Generator – Hey everything doesn’t have to be rocket science and Sabermetrics. If you’re looking for a team name with attitude, what better place to look than Razzball.
  • Roster Resource – I just linked to the entire site because, as its name suggests, Roster Resource is an incredible resource to see how team roster and lineups are shaping up. It’s great all year, but especially during draft season to see where the playing time battles will be. Their depth charts have moved to FanGraphs, but there’s still plenty of great stuff on the Roster Resource page as well.
  • Smart Fantasy Baseball – Are you decent with excel? If so the tools on Smart Fantasy Baseball can take your game to the next level. Rather than provide you with a bunch of analysis, this site is one big tool that helps you be the expert. Tools included are an Automated SGP Rankings Tool, Projecting X, which is a baseball projections system developed by Mike Podhorzer and made accessible to all by Tanner Bell,  and a Projections Aggregator Tool.

These tools do not include full-blown draft software. You can find those here.

If you know of any fantasy baseball draft tools that we haven’t included, please let us know in the comments below or use our Link Submission Page.

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