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Fantasy Baseball H2H Strategy for 2020

Old school fantasy purists may still prefer the rotisserie format, but more and people enjoy the smack talk and direct competition of the various head-to-head formats. While head-to-head leagues are on the upswing, finding content geared toward those leagues can be a challenge. Fantasy Sports Resource is always up for a challenge. A little further down the page, you’ll find links to the top sources of H2H Strategy. But first a bit about the two major varieties within the head-to-head style of play.

One variant of Head-to-Head fantasy baseball is category based similar to rotisserie. Many leagues use the same categories as a typical 5×5 league. The big difference is that you’re only competing against one team each week. In some category-based H2H leagues you get a win for each category you beat your opponent in and a loss for those you didn’t. Others just award a single win, loss, or tie based on which team won more categories. Either way, you can generally use traditional fantasy baseball rankings with this style of play.

The other popular style of Head-to-Head league is points-based. In fact, an extreme percentage of points leagues are head-to-head. For these leagues, you should check out our links page for Points League Rankings.

With that out of the way, let’s get to our links for Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head Strategy for 2020.

Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head Strategy

As the spring progresses we’ll have more links for content specific to 2020, but for now, we’ve also included some past H2H Strategy articles that have stood the test of time and still offer value.

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