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Fantasy Baseball Rankings for 2020


Fantasy baseball rankings are a staple of pretty much any site that even dabbles in our favorite pastime. Whether you’re looking to use someone’s rankings for yourself or just like to nitpick them apart (we all do it), rankings are the one thing we all deal with in one way or another.

Providing access to as many fantasy baseball rankings as possible was a no-brainer. The big question was how to organize them. One option was to organize them by site, similar to how they do it over at Fantasy Rundown (my hero BTW). Instead, we opted to organize them by position. We’ll start off with a section of overall rankings and then go around the fantasy diamond. Hopefully, this will help you compare rankings in a more detailed way. Of course, you can also skim through and pick and choose the sites/analysts you prefer as well.

The fantasy baseball rankings below are for roto leagues. If that’s not your bag you can check out our pages for points league or dynasty rankings.

2020 Overall Fantasy Baseball Rankings

2020 Catcher Rankings

2020 First Base Rankings

2020 Second Base Rankings

2020 Third Base Rankings

2020 Shortstop Rankings

2020 Outfield Rankings

2020 Starting Pitcher Rankings

2020 Closer Rankings

Once the floodgates open up the fantasy baseball rankings will pour in fast and furious. We’ll do our best to keep up. If you see some we’ve missed please let us know in the comments below or send us a message on our Link Submission Page.

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