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Fantasy Baseball Sleepers and Busts


Fantasy baseball sleepers are a thing of the past! Sleepers are the players you grab late in your drafts that pay off big. A sleeper is any player that outperforms his draft slot or auction cost…

Nobody seems to agree on just what a sleeper is or if they even exist. Many fantasy analysts I know hate the very phrase and refuse to be associated with it. One thing is very clear though; fantasy sites continue to use the term and fantasy players continue to eat it up.

Kind of funny though; nobody seems to feel the same way about fantasy baseball busts. Evidently we can all pull together when we go through great trauma.

With all the controversy around the term, we’ll just sidestep whether fantasy baseball sleepers exist and let you make your own call. Below we’ve included links to all the 2020 content surrounding sleepers and busts. The links are organized by date of publish, with the most recent being on top. As always if we’ve missed something or if one of our links doesn’t represent the content well, let us know in the comments below or shoot a message to us on our Link Submission page.

2020 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers and Busts

As content for the new season comes we’ll have plenty of sleepers and busts coming your way.

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