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MLB Prospect Rankings for 2020


Just a few years back it was mostly dynasty owners who paid any real attention to MLB prospect rankings. Sure rookies came along and had some nice seasons, but generally, they weren’t league changers. Then Mike Trout came along and smashed that idea to bits and it seems like we see several young players come up and dominate right from day one.

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If you drafted Aaron Judge, Clay Bellinger, Yordan Alvarez or another of this new breed of prospect in their rookie years, you likely got top-round talent for the price of a late-round flier.

Below you’ll find the top prospects in baseball ranked in a lot of different ways. Some are focused on the 2020 season, while others may be thinking more long term. Some of the lists are by position while others may be by team. Only one thing is certain; you are fighting a losing battle if you completely ignore MLB prospects rankings. Other teams aren’t and it’s paying off in big ways for them.

Have no fear though, we’ll make it easy for you. Below are links to MLB Prospects Rankings from the top sites and analysts. While no site gets every call right, read enough of these and you’ll know the top names to pay attention to for your type of league.

MLB Prospect Rankings for 2020

There are so many great prospect analysts and sites, I was not sure exactly how to organize this. I finally settled on the three main ways prospects are typically ranked: Overall, by team, and by position. Within those categories, I then listed them alphabetically by the analyst’s last name. Hopefully, that helps you find the information you’re looking for quickly and easily.

If you know of any rankings of MLB’s top prospects that we haven’t included, please let us know in the comments below or hit us up on our Link Submission Page.

Overall 2020 MLB Prospects Rankings

MLB Prospect Rankings By Team

  • Eric Cross FantraxHQ – Top 25 by Team: BAL | BOS |
  • Rich Wilson, – Top 15 by Team: CHC | CIN | MIL | PITSTL |
  • The Itch, Razzball.comATL | WAS |

Top MLB Prospects by Position

This section will no doubt fill up as we get closer to peak draft season for 2020 fantasy baseball.

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