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1,000+ links for season-long fantasy baseball!


We’re trying to meet the needs of all fantasy baseball enthusiasts, but here at Fantasy Sports Resource we’re old school at heart and season-long fantasy baseball is still our first stop.

We’ve grouped all the links into the most logical categories we could find. It’s those categories you’ll find below. When a piece of content we’re linking to fits in multiple categories, we’ve included it in both.

While much of the content we link to is free, we’ve also included paid content where appropriate. Fantasy writers and analysts put in serious hours with our little obsession. If you can afford to throw a little coin their way I always encourage it.

Thanks for visiting Fantasy Sports Resource. If you think we’re missing something important related to season-long fantasy baseball, please use our Submit a Link page to let us know about it. Or you can just throw it in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

1000+ Links for Season-Long Fantasy Baseball

The links in the section will be of use from the minute you start preparing for the season right up until your final move that seals a championship.

  • Top Fantasy Baseball Sites – The sites linked on this page feature the rankings, strategy, and analysis that help turn us into our own experts.
  • Top MLB Team Blogs – FSR provides access to the top MLB Blogs for every Major League team. Everyone else is getting the national news. Gain an edge by going local!
  • Fantasy Baseball Commissioner Sites – If instead, you’re looking to start your own league or thinking of moving your league to another stat service, then this is the page for you.
  • Player News – You don’t win in season-long fantasy baseball without staying on top of the news. The sites linked on this page will help you do just that.
  • MLB Newspaper Coverage – The more information you have, the better you are at fantasy! FSR gets you the hookup for the newspapers and beat writers for every Major League organization.
  • Fantasy Baseball Podcasts – Whether you need something for drive-time or background noise for when you’re listening to your wife’s recount of her day, we’ll hook you up with the most informational podcasts in existence.

For many of us, draft day is like our birthday, Christmas, and the day we lost our virginity all rolled into one. This section of our fantasy baseball links should provide you with everything you need to get prepared for the big day. 

  • Fantasy Baseball Draft Kits – Draft Kits are your one-stop shopping when it comes to fantasy sports. On this page, we link to the top free and premium draft kits so that you’ll find the one that suits your needs.
  • Fantasy Baseball Rankings – We all like to pick rankings apart and talk about how we could do better… but we also realize rankings can give you a huge helping hand in preparing for your draft.
  • Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy – No two drafts are ever alike, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new to help you control things on D-Day. Pick and choose from the top minds in the industry as they help you develop a plan to carry you to a YooHoo shower come season’s end.
  • Auction Strategy – The auction format takes things to a whole ‘nother level. On this page we’ve scoured the far reaches of the internet for every viable strategy to help make sure your fantasy dollars pay off.
  • Auction Values – No strategy would be complete without a good starting point for the values you place on each player. Here you’ll find set fantasy baseball auction values, along with a few apps that help you build custom values for your specific league setup.
  • Sleepers and Busts – Late-round fliers, upside plays; whatever you want to call them, everybody wants to get more than they pay for in season-long fantasy baseball. Check here frequently to see which players are getting the most sleeper love.
  • Draft Tools – Preparing for a fantasy baseball draft or auction can be a huge undertaking. We’ve done our best to curate a comprehensive list of the best tools to help make things a little bit easier.
  • Cheat Sheets – Whether you do your draft in-person or online, tracking the available player pool is vital. Find the cheat sheets that work for you so you’re not at the mercy of any site’s default rankings.
  • Mock Draft Sites – There’s no better way to get a feel for the player pool and how others are drafting than to do a few mocks. Here’s a list of the top sites to do just that.
  • Points League Rankings and Strategy
    – Points leagues seem to be gaining steam and we’ve got links to an ever-increasing vault of content.
  • H2H Rankings and Strategy – Whether it’s category or points-based, here is where you’ll find everything to do with H2H.
  • Dynasty Rankings and Strategy – If you’re playing for keeps then you’ll want to stop by and check out our dynasty section.

  • Waiver Wire Recommendations – Hey we all miss things. You won’t anymore after checking out the links we have to all the latest waiver wire columns.
  • Injuries and Transactions – The advent of the 10-day IL stint makes it all the more important to know which players are gonna be on the shelf for the near future.
  • Scores and Schedules – Need to check last night’s box scores or check the schedule to see where your players are playing next week? We’ve linked to the sites that do this well.
  • Projected Starting Pitchers – Yep, some teams still use starting pitchers. It’s getting harder to know who’s pitching when, but these sites do it best.
  • Starting Lineups – While they’re of utmost importance in DFS, knowing the lineups early can also help you in leagues where you can change your roster daily.
  • Advanced Stats and StatCast Data – It’s nice to get the industry takes, but sometimes you get better by doing the work yourself. Here you’ll find links to the sites with the advanced stats that will help you dig deeper into every player.

  • Top Sites for Prospects Analysis – It’s getting harder to win at fantasy baseball. Get a leg up by learning about the players who will be dominating baseball in the coming years.
  • MLB Prospect Rankings – Skip the analysis and get right to the main course! An evergrowing list of prospect rankings from the top names in the industry.
  • Minor League Team Sites – Hey, it’s important to know whose bobblehead you can get each night.

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