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Top MLB Blogs for Each Team

When everyone else goes national, you go local!


Sure fantasy baseball is a game of numbers, but knowledge is key to maximizing those numbers. Sometimes that knowledge can be acquired from one of the sites that specialize in MLB Player News. But then, everybody else in your league is reading the same news. You need to go a little deeper to gain a real advantage. That’s where this list of MLB blogs comes in.

The writers of these MLB blogs know their teams better than the national media could ever hope to. Is a player about to lose their job?  Was your starting shortstop limping during the ninth inning. If it happened you know it’s going to be mentioned on a site that is dedicated to that one single team.

Each Team’s Top MLB Blogs

The list of MLB blogs below is divided by division. Simply click the + symbol next to any team and see a list of quality blogs for that team. And while you’re at it why not bookmark this page for easy access next time.

American League East

American League Central

American League West

National League East

National League Central

National League West

As usual, if you know of MLB Blogs that we missed or if you come across a problem with one of the links we supplied, please let us know about it on our Link Submission Page.

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